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People to People

As geeks, we've been using P2P software for years. Starting with Napster in 1999, and the plethora of different filesharing networks that followed, right up to torrents, which we all use and love today, we've seen the technology being used for a number of worthwhile causes. Thus, when Sean came to us with his plan to put it to use in the real world, we jumped at the chance.

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Free At Last

At Vesess, we've always prided ourselves on our commitment to Free Software. A quick glance through our projects will show you that much of our work is based around FOSS solutions like Wordpress, Drupal and MODx. Therefore, to us, this announcement we're making today is just another footfall in the right direction. For a while now, all Vesess production machines have been running GNU/Linux, and with the launch of Vesess v5, we are proud to say that it will be our platform of choice from now on.

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