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Swing It Like Sunil

The Sinhala-Tamil New Year is just a few weeks away, and this is the time when swings start showing up at Sri Lankan homes and gardens. Today I met Sunil Monarawila, an entrepreneur from Gampaha who runs a small business creating swings for both children and adults.

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Art on the Line

Before the imposing Nelum Pokuna theatre became a landmark, before Colombo had begun its ambitious facelift, even before the end of war, the artists were there. They came from all parts of Sri Lanka, and exhibited their work by the road, then called Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, now Nelum Pokuna Road.

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Steering Clear of Chargebacks

Most CurdBee users are freelancers and small businesses, small enough that chargebacks can really hurt them. We talked to our payment processing partners e-onlinedata to gain insights on how an online merchant could avoid these frustrating situations. Answering our questions was Kris Lavallee, their Marketing Director.

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We Are Nine!

Back in 2008 when our last redesign went live, Colombo was a rather grim place. It was known for things like barricades, checkpoints, armed policemen, and even suicide bombers. It was at such a time that we launched CurdBee. We were optimists.

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