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Mythifying the Startup

Myth is not just the stuff of novels. It is a living, breathing phenomenon that transmits through people, shaping and defining their lives. All countries and peoples have myths. So do companies and startups.

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Dear Boston, Stay Strong

We Sri Lankans know too much about bombs. As a people recovering from a thirty-year long bloody terrorist war, we’re familiar with the many agonies they bring to innocent lives. Our hearts are with you Bostonians, as you face this meaningless tragedy.

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Payvee for CurdBee

Many CurdBee users don’t know about us, Vesess, the company behind the app. We don’t mind that – the app has its own identity and brand after all. Problems arose, however, when they got confused upon seeing an unknown VESESS INC. on their credit card statements, and worse, seeing the state as Nevada. To address this issue, we recently launched

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Kalaro: Knitting Nature into Wool

Priyantha Subasinghe knows about wools and yarns. He has a keen eye for design, and he also knows about business. Priyantha has learnt well from his father, and is now blazing his own trail with Kalaro, producing gorgeous knitwear with a unique Sri Lankan twist.

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