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Introducing Colomboard

There are so many creative freelancers and small business in Sri Lanka who would greatly benefit from an online store, yet have none available. Instead of complaining about it, we went ahead and built one. Meet Colomboard. Drawing inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy, we have created a platform for Sri Lankans to share their creations and experiences. Products from the most popular designers among them will then be featured on our online store.

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CurdBee is Five

Five years ago, we launched CurdBee. With no funding, no experience, no marketing or promotions—just a simple app, made by a rookie team, waiting for its users. For weeks, it was just crickets and tumbleweeds at CurdBee. And then Lifehacker happened. Since then we have made constant improvements to CurdBee, and people kept signing up.

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Meeting Asia

Last week Sameera and I attended the RedDot Ruby Conference in Singapore. As a microcosm of Asia, Singapore is a wonderful place to get to know people from all parts of the continent and beyond. We were pleasantly surprised to see the large Ruby community in Singapore.

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The Bees Are Here

Last weekend I was visited by bees. It was raining heavily, and a few of them were gathered around a flowerpot at home, searching for nectar. I was hopeful, and when I checked after the rain, they had indeed set up home in a place I designed for them, fifteen months ago. The long wait is finally over.

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