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Meet Hiveage, a re-imagined CurdBee

CurdBee has been our flagship product for five years. We understand our users, because in many ways our journeys have been similar. Today, we take another big step in that journey together. For months we have been talking about a CurdBee 2.0, a new platform that will beat the limitations of CurdBee, and provide our users with many much-requested features . . .

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Survey Results, and Stripe UK

Last week we asked our users to help us prioritize our new payment gateway integrations, and the results are now in. This is how we'll be planning future feature additions to CurdBee 2.0 too: a public roadmap developed together with the people who use the app. In other news, we have integrated Stripe UK to CurdBee.

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New Payment Gateways

CurdBee 2.0 will open up to the public soon, and we want to make it as comprehensive as possible. We will make the feature roadmap open as well so that our users can choose what new features get added first. The first step in that direction starts today. Please let us know what new payment gateway you want to be integrated with CurdBee.

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Retiring Google Checkout

Google Checkout has been the second most popular payment gateway among our users. It was available as a free add-on for anyone using CurdBee, and we hardly had any complaints about failed payments or delayed settlements. However, now that Google has decided to retire Google Checkout, we are getting tons of emails asking what we have on cards for existing Google Checkout users.

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