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Better Reports with Hiveage

One of the most common requests we have received for CurdBee is to introduce more options in reporting. With Hiveage, we deliver. More detailed income over time reports, as well as new reports that take advantage of expense tracking through the new bills section.

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Better Payments Handling in Hiveage

You use CurdBee to get paid. However, we are aware of one weakness in CurdBee that could annoy your clients when they try to pay you: payment errors are not handled well enough. When a payment fails for some reason, CurdBee shows a generic error message, which could be frustrating to both the client and you as it's not clear what exactly went wrong. The good news is, it's all fixed in Hiveage.

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Hiveage Beta Update: Braintree

Hiveage is progressing well. If you have requested a beta invitation and haven't received it yet, don't worry, we'll be sending them out regularly and you'll get one soon. The first of several new payment gateways to be added to Hiveage is Braintree. Check it out in the Upgrade section.

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