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Steve Jobs

Ken Segall and Sri Lankan Delusions

SLASSCOM introduced Ken Segall as the “Former Creative Director of Apple Inc.” Why would they run such a disingenuous campaign? And why would Ken Segall not correct them? We can only speculate.

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Sunset at a Thai beach

Colomboard: The Failure of a Good Project

Colomboard was a “good” project, both in terms of business potential and social impact. It empowered a group of very talented young entrepreneurs by providing them with a fair and accessible platform to build their businesses.

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Nuclear explosion

How We Give and Take Design Feedback

Since the very beginning we have tried to nurture and encourage the spirit of the “bomb comment” at Vesess. We have benefitted greatly from this culture that encourages giving and receiving candid design feedback without any need to make them palatable.

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Palm tree in desert

Problems with Youth Entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka

It will take a concerted effort from both public and private sectors to come up with long term strategies that encourage youth entrepreneurship and drive technology innovation in Sri Lanka.

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Wild grape vine tendril

Security vs. Flexibility in Remote Working Startups

The flexibility of working from home—or anywhere in the world, for that matter—is a luxury that small companies can offer, but which larger companies often find difficult to accommodate because of their scale. This flexibility comes with its own challenge, however—managing the security of company resources.

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