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Growing plant

Working at an Early-Stage Startup in Sri Lanka

By Prabhath Sirisena

All the first employees of our new venture Vgo came from corporate backgrounds. None of them had worked at a startup before. The entire Vesess team, on the other hand, had never worked at anything other than a startup: for every one of us, Vesess has been the first and only place of work. There was clearly a culture gap to be bridged.

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Real time web

When Real-Time Web Meets Moving Objects

By Laknath Semage

The web has made quite a few hops from where it started. Of course, you can't step in the same river twice, but if we extend that metaphor, the web has become a raging flood rather than a river. Our online invoicing service Hiveage belongs to an older generation of the web, flowing quietly and serenely. Today’s web is much more active, real-time and expressive. Media API, WebSockets, and Web Workers are only the tip of this expressiveness and activity.

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