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Honey bee hovering near a flower

Building a Design Consultancy Business (Part 1)

In this series I am sharing some of the lessons we’ve learned over the last 12 years from running and growing our consultancy business from zero to several hundred thousand dollars per year. Read Article
Devil Dancer in Sri Lanka

Online Payment Methods in Sri Lanka: The Bad and the Ugly

The fintech industry is changing rapidly. Competition is increasing worldwide as new disruptive technologies emerge that have the potential to dramatically change the way we do business. Even Read Article

We’re ten years old!

We’re ten years old today! Even in the grand scheme of things, that’s quite a big number, and we’re simultaneously proud that we’re here, and humbled that we’ve been privileged enough to make Read Article

Hello, Hiveage!

At long last, we are proud to announce that Hiveage is now live. Yes, as of right now, anyone and everyone has access to our brand new online invoicing system! Read Article

Save Big on CurdBee and Hiveage

Our annual Thanksgiving promo is here! For 48 hours starting from Monday, December 2 EST 00:00 (UTC -0500) we will offer the all-inclusive CurdBee BIG yearly package for just $119 (You save 41%). Read Article

Introducing Subscription Billing with Hiveage

CurdBee’s recurring profiles allow you to send periodic invoices to your clients. With Hiveage, we take it one step further, allowing you to automatically bill clients periodically using subscription Read Article

Introducing Bills with Hiveage

CurdBee helps you streamline your invoicing process from sending an invoice to accepting the payment and issuing a payment receipt. With Hiveage we take it one step further: now you can stay Read Article

Better Payments Handling in Hiveage

You use CurdBee to get paid. However, we are aware of one weakness in CurdBee that could annoy your clients when they try to pay you: payment errors are not handled well enough. When a payment Read Article

Meet Hiveage, a re-imagined CurdBee

CurdBee has been our flagship product for five years. We understand our users, because in many ways our journeys have been similar. Today, we take another big step in that journey together. For Read Article

The Bees Are Here

Last weekend I was visited by bees. It was raining heavily, and a few of them were gathered around a flowerpot at home, searching for nectar. I was hopeful, and when I checked after the rain, Read Article