CurdBee Call Out

CurdBee Call OutLet’s face it, we all have those clients that just refuse to pay up. It may be $100, it may be $10000, but not being paid on time really sucks. Every freelancer or SME has gone through this at some point, and we’re thus glad to provide yet another way to combat the payment dodger. From today, the CurdBee Call Out will sit on the sidebar of all your sent invoices. You can of course send a reminder (CurdBee PRO users only), but if that doesn’t work, our new Call Out button will send your client a public notice via your social media of choice. Twitter and Facebook are currently supported, with more networks on the way. Just click Call Out and let CurdBee compose and send a nice message from you. The Call Out algorithm takes into account the amount that’s left unpaid and the number of days the payment has been pending for and drafts a suitable message based on these factors.


CurdBee Call Out Example Tweet #1 CurdBee Call Out Example Tweet #2 CurdBee Call Out Example Tweet #3


CurdBee Call Out Example Facebook Message We hope you enjoy the feature. Now, instead of tearing your hair out in silence, unleash your anger in public! Update: April Fools! We were totally kidding, but we’re glad we fooled some of you! :) Have a great weekend, CurdBeans.

  • tech4eleven

    when reading this article, I was thinking “man, thats not very professional…althought I’d love to say those things some times” then I read the comments and it all made sense. good one

    • Vesess Inc.

      Haha thanks! Being a SME ourselves, we know the feeling as well.

      In fact, we’re looking into ways to allow CurdBeans to call out their clients, albeit more tactfully. :)

    • IRJP.Net

      Yea, I was thinking the same thing. I mean, we all feel that way and would love to shout out to the world what a deadbeat client we have here but we don’t as it would be very unprofessional.

      Great Job Curdbee! Ya got me… I was thinking WTH… seriously you guys made a button like that. I even went to look for in my dashboard…. LMAO!

      This is by far one the best April Fool jokes I have seen this year.

  • Anonymous

    You got me too…..since I didn’t see it around April Fools day! But seriously, when will this be available? ;)