CurdBee New Feature – Payment Receipts

You can now issue payment receipts for your CurdBee invoices. This has been a popular feature request for some time and we believe this feature will help you to have a more streamlined and professional invoicing process. Here’s how a sample payment receipt will look like: CurdBee Payment Receipt Similar to other statements in CurdBee, there’s also a PDF version of the receipt (Click here to download the sample PDF receipt). If you have enabled the Expansion Pack add-on, this new feature will be automatically available. Payment receipts can be sent either automatically or manually. You can select the option you prefer at the time of creating the invoice. Select the Payment Receipts option when creating the invoice When the automatic receipt option is enabled, CurdBee will generate the receipt and send a notification email to the client upon receiving the payment. You can customize this notification email from Settings > Emails & Notification section. Customizing payment receipts The notification email will be sent to all recipients (including BCC recipients) who originally received the invoice. If you are manually entering payments for invoices (without integrating with a payment gateway), you have the option to generate and send receipts when entering those payments. Payment receipts pop-up
EDIT: The workflow from here onwards has been updated to make things even more customizable. Check out this blog post!
You can also do it later from the payments tab for the invoice. To do so, click on the ‘View Receipt’ link to view the payment receipt. View payment receipt on the payment tab to send From the payment receipt screen, click the ‘Send Receipt’ link on the sidebar. So go ahead, impress your clients with those elegant payment receipts! P.S.: We are removing the “Send Acknowledgement” feature, since its purpose is now better served with payment receipts.

  • Saul Danger Powers

    This is a great feature, thanks!

    Where has “Send Acknowledgement” for paid invoices gone though?? Are thank you emails still sent out?

    • Anonymous

      The payment receipt notification is actually the acknowledgement email (with enhanced parameters). You now have the option to send it automatically or keep sending it manually as you previously did.

  • Scamando

    Please re-add the ability of who you are emailing to. This new “thank you” email is horrible if I do not know who I am emailing to. This is a major step backwords by taking this away from us.

    • Anonymous

      The receipt email is sent to the same recipients you selected to send the invoice.

      We are collecting feedback from other users and monitoring the usage of this feature. Based on those results, we’ll decide how to proceed with this feature.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Scott,

      We’ve updated payment receipt sending workflow to have a customization option. 

      Check this blog post for more details-

  • Scamando

    Also, I no longer have the ability to edit my message that is sent. Before I had the ability to write personalized message within the invoice. Now, I can no longer do this.

  • Paul

    Is there a way to personalize each payment receipt?

    • Anonymous

      What sort of personalizations you want in there?

      Currently the default branding and localization options applied to all statements are applied to payment receipts as well.

      If you need to customize the payment receipt email, you can do it from Settings > Emails & Notifications section (

  • Jackb1

    Would be nice to have option to select email addresses and customize message just like acknowledgment was. This new setup is bad.

    • Anonymous

      We’ve updated the workflow to bring back the message customization option –

  • Paul

    I definitely prefer when I can modify or add a personal comment to the payment receipt. A ‘standard’ message is not adequate with my business. If you leave it as-is, I will not be using it. Rather, I will send a personalized email thanking for payment. Go back to the previous method, please!

    • Anonymous

      We’ve made an update recently to bring back the option of customizing the payment receipt before sending –

  • Info

    I agree with the others….The OTHER WAY was BETTER and MORE Customizable.

    • Anonymous

      We heard you :) We’ve updated the workflow –

  • Paul

    I understand that the new payment receipt system is set up like it is in order to save a step. (So instead of entering a payment and then sending an acknowledgement we can just check a box.)

    That  makes sense, but it would have been better to leave the old acknowledgement option available as well. In my company’s case, we have an accountant enter the payment received and then individual sales people can see the client paid (via the e-mail alert) and then go in to send a personalized acknowledgement.

    Having both options would make everyone happy.