CurdBee On the Go

Ever since we launched CurdBee, one feature request kept hitting the top of the list quite often: CurdBee on mobile. Among the requesters the majority were iPhone users, followed by Android, with Blackberry, Nokia and others also making their presence felt. CurdBee mobile was always on the plan, but it was on the back burner as we had to focus on other essential improvements. However, there came a time when a mobile version became that essential need. The first major call we had to make was whether we should go for native mobile application(s) or make a web optimised application or even both. We took our time to analyze all the pros and cons with these approaches and finally came to a conclusion on the path we should take. We built a couple of prototypes using different platforms such as Sencha, jQtouch and jQuery Mobile during our initial experiments before finally settling with jQuery Mobile. The main reason for picking jQuery mobile was its compatibility across different mobile platforms. It took us a while to put together, and today we are releasing our first take on the CurdBee mobile experience. CurdBee Mobile in iOS and Android At present, CurdBee Mobile is optimized for Time and Expense Tracking, as those are the features which most of our users will need on the go. Invoices and estimates can be viewed as well, with support for creating and sending them coming soon. Try CurdBee on the go and let us know how you like it!

  • Anonymous

    Hello….I’m excited about this functionality, but is there an app for this?

    • Anonymous

      There’s nothing to install. Just login to your CurdBee account from the mobile. You will see the mobile optimized view.

  • Joshua Lee

    Great start guys! Can’t wait for when we can create and edit invoices on the fly. One thing I noticed is that the ability to view PDF invoices even when logged off no longer works. It shows as a blank page title as “Untitled”.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Programmerjen

    Tried to download the mobile app, but it isn’t working on my android phone.

    • Anonymous

      Since CurdBee Mobile is web based, there’s nothing to download. Accessing your CurdBee account from the mobile should render a mobile optimized layout.

      Anyway, what was your mobile device and version of android it runs?

  • guest

    Hi, thanks for the mobile app, however, it would be incredibly useful to be able to edit invoices and estimates on the go! Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Yep. We are bringing that feature in the next update.

  • Lie 1296

    What I want to see in a mobile app is automatic creation of invoice by location. This would require a native app, but I believe it will be very powerful feature. In a nutshell, I want an app that detects that I’m at my work place, and automatically create an invoice draft for that day, it will also detect if I’m arriving or finishing early or late.

  • taylor2nd

    is vesess still pushing forward on bringing us the ability to edit / create and send invoices from the mobile web app?

    • Anonymous

      Yep. We are planning on an update which would enhance the overall experience. This should be released by early next year.