CurdBee Payment Receipts Revisited

We recently replaced the ‘Payment Acknowledgements’ feature in CurdBee with a better option: Payment Receipts. Our users liked the upgrade. But they missed the customizability of the good old acknowledgement.
I definitely prefer when I can modify or add a personal comment to the payment receipt. A ‘standard’ message is not adequate with my business.
Would be nice to have option to select email addresses and customize message just like acknowledgment was.
Please re-add the ability of who you are emailing to. This new “thank you” email is horrible if I do not know who I am emailing to.
Scamando We have heard you. Hence, this update to payment receipts. When the payment receipt is sent automatically, the template will be used (which can still be customized at Settings > Emails and Notifications) – nothing’s changed there. But now, when you are sending a payment receipt manually, things are customizable on the go. Payment receipts on payments tab You can click on the receipt number on the payments tab of an invoice to view the particular payment receipt. When you click ‘Send Receipt’, you will be prompted as follows: Send payment receipt prompt You can now select the email recipients, and edit the message as you wish. Enjoy the new easily customized payment receipts!

  • Anonymous

    I am a little confused about what you are describing.
    I created a test invoice and sent it out.  I clicked on the link and it brought me to the invoice. I clicked on Google Checkout.
    Then, I opened the invoice in Curdbee and recorded a payment. I cannot find where to find the receipt that can be edited.
    Can you provide a little more detail – maybe a step by step?

    • Anonymous

      Once you enter the payment, it appears on the Payments tab in the invoice. Go to the Payments tab and click “Send Receipt” for the payment you just made.

      Hope the workflow is clear. Do feel free to contact our support if there are any further questions.

      • Anonymous

         I entered a payment.
        Then clicked on Payments at the bottom of invoice.
        All I see is View Receipt – Not “send receipt”

  • Scamando

    Awesome! Thank you so very much for upgrading this for us. This is a huge improvement for me. Thank you again for your excellent customer service.

  • Nina Hurst

    That’s very good idea of upgrading system of payment receipt in CurdBee for consumer service.because of this confusion and mistake can be cleared between them.