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CurdBee Reporting Adds Year-to-date

September 01, 2011

Just under two months ago, we released Dashboard Reports as a feature for all CurdBee Plus users. Today we’re, modifying it slightly, removing the less useful Last 30 Days information feed (many users found it confusing!) and replacing it with a Year-to-date summary. CurdBee Dashboard Year-to-date Of course, before you begin using this feature, you’ll need to head to Settings > System Preferences and set when your Fiscal year begins. This is a new setting that we’ve introduced and will default to January when you first login. CurdBee Fiscal year setting You should now see a Year-to-date summary on your CurdBee dashboard. We hope this will give you a quick and easy run down of the year in progress and motivate you to keep at it, even when the going is tough!

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  • Mathew

    My year to date is blank.. any ideas?

    • Anonymous

      Did you correctly set the start of the fiscal year from Settings > System Preferences?

  • Dinesh Verma

    What exactly is curdbee?

    • Anonymous

      CurdBee is an online invoicing application, which we built to scratch our itch.

      • Dinesh Verma

        You guys built it.