CurdBee Unbranded

For a while now, you’ve been able to use your own domain with CurdBee. This means that you could essentially make CurdBee yours, from logging in, to sending clients invoices and estimates. Of course, the CurdBee logo still appeared on the login page. CurdBee's Unbranded Login Page Today, we’ve rolled out changes that remove even that. Starting now, it’s possible to make it completely yours. From account name to domain and login page, a fully unbranded online invoicing solution is something every CurdBee Plus user can now enjoy for just $5/month. This feature is also a precursor to some new templating features we hope to roll out in the months ahead. Await more customisability from your favourite online billing solution!

  • P1E

    The title of the login page still shows the Curdbee brand

    • Vesess

      Indeed, it did! This is now fixed. Thank you for the heads up. :)

  • Mathew

    Will this extend to the email address later that sends the pdf invoices?

    Mine still shows:; on behalf of; Company

    • Vesess

      The is set as the Sender of the email, and is set as the From address. Most Spam filters verifies whether the Sender address matches the domain of the originating server of the mail. That’s why we have to set it as

      However, in future we plan to introduce the option to specify custom mail servers for sending invoices as a workaround for this problem.

  • Anonymous

    No this is still not possible, but we’ll announce when we add support for it.