CurdBee Update: Partial Payments

In the spirit of constant evolution and always on awesomeness, we’re here with another CurdBee update. Look below to see the major (and minor) enhancements that the Bee just received.

Partial Payments

Finance is a complicated field, and while we’re all about making things simple, sometimes a little flexibility can go a long way. The inclusion of the partial payments option means that CurdBee PRO users can now give their clients the option of paying the bills a little (or a lot) a time. Now, whenever you’re creating an invoice, just check Allow partial payments to allow the recipient to pay the due amount in instalments of their choice. Before you ask, yes, this works for Recurring Profiles as well – enable the feature and all new invoices created via the profile will automatically open with the partial payment option already enabled. In typical CurdBee style, we’ve gone ahead and done some streamlining as well. The invoice and payment screens are now separate on the client’s end, and the user must click the Make a Payment button to proceed to the new payment page. There, clients can choose their payment gateway of choice, enter an amount they’d like to pay, and get on with it! We think this new setup offers a more intuitive approach and we hope that our users and their clients will have a better CurdBee experience as a result of it. Of course, this new functionality necessitates a new invoice state as well – Partially Paid, and you’ll begin to see the half light green / half dark green circle next to invoices as clients begin to take advantage of the option to pay in instalments. Ultimately, we hope that this new feature will make getting paid for what you do just that much easier. If you’d like to get to know this functionality a little better, go ahead and take a look at the related CurdBee support article. Module Enhancements

As of this update, the full billing address of each client is captured when he or she makes a payment using the gateway. You can use the captured address to enforce AVS checks on the payments, and this may be particularly useful if you are worried about fraudulent payments.

Invoice Summary in Email Templates

A minor but useful feature, the new {{invoice-summary}} and {{estimate-summary}} variables are available to use on email templates, and means that your email notifications can now be that much more descriptive. Well, that’s about all for this update. Like the new features? Have a complaint? We’d love to hear from you either way so mail and tweet at us if you’ve got anything to say. Till next time, happy invoicing!

  • Sam Cornwell

    Thanks, curdbee on an amazing product, these are all great updates. Looking forward to using the summary on templates.

  • Scamando

    Awesome update!!!!!!! Thank you so much

  • Wes

    I’m not sure if this is available yet, but before adding expense tracking and time tracking modules, I think that curdbree should have some statistics module.

    Where I can quickly see what items are past due (red flags), how much is past due, and filter income by month, quarter, and year.

    I feel that those features should be implemented before expense and time tracking.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Wes! We’re happy to confirm that the feature you requested is in the works and once released will likely be available to all users. However, we’ll also be releasing a Module that provides more advanced account statistics including features like data visualisation. Stay tuned to our blog for more information, and thanks again for the feature request.

  • Clint Compton

    Do you plan on using PayPal Website Payments Pro? Or, Paypal Direct payments? This would open up your user base. (including me)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback, Clint! We’ll definitely consider implementing those gateways in the future.