Interface Improvements and more

CurdBee New Navigation Menu Over the last few weeks we’ve been quite busy making some vital improvements to CurdBee. These range from enhancements to the user interface to more complex workflows. A short while ago we updated the live codebase, and these improvements are now a part of your CurdBee experience. Here is a quick run through of the changes we have done with the latest update:

CurdBee Plus becomes Expansion Pack

Starting from now, we are going to rename ‘CurdBee Plus’ as ‘Expansion Pack’. Some of you were a bit confused with CurdBee PRO and Plus. As you may know, this add-on brings some essential enhancements such as the option to remove CurdBee branding, use your own domain and add taxes, discounts etc. to your account. We think the name ‘Expansion Pack’ sums up this important add-on very well.

Add-ons are now just a click away

CurdBee is one of the very few solutions with a truly on-demand pricing model: our free account comes with all the essential features to make your invoicing workflow perfect, which can then be extended with several add-ons to meet your exact needs. The new ‘Upgrade’ section is where that customization takes place, and we have improved it to make this process much easier. This was necessary because we kept growing our list of add-ons (a lot more in the pipeline too) and also introduced CurdBee BIG which brought more complications to the original workflow. After weeks of careful planning, implementation and thorough testing we finally nailed it down to what you see under the new ‘Upgrade’ link. So go ahead and start customising your CurdBee experience now! CurdBee new upgrade section - Simply customise your experience

Introducing user profiles

With this update we are introducing a new user profile in addition to the business profile we had before. Why? We are working on several more ideas such as multi-user access, client accounts, etc. which will make CurdBee a comprehensive platform for SMEs, and we think this is just the right stepping stone in that direction. Stay tuned for more information about these developments in the coming weeks.


This new addition will work as a message archive featuring all the updates from feature releases to system alerts related to your account. If you are a user who visits CurdBee less often, you will find this handy as you can quickly run through the recent changes which may have taken place since your last visit.

Tweaking Settings and CSS3 Awesomeness

While making the above changes, we also made some improvements to the ‘Settings’ section by making it even simpler. The web geeks among you will notice that we now have our buttons done with CSS3. Although the look and feel remains the same as before, this has made the code leaner and load times faster. We hope you will enjoy these changes. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

  • Lance Sison

    Great improvements, much appreciated. Keep ’em coming guys.

  • Eliana B.

    Will you ever add the option to attach a document to an invoice?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. It’s a feature we are working on and will be released as an add-on in the near future.

  • Mark

    Beautiful update!  I can’t find where I edit my default invoice Note.  Was this setting removed? 

    Also, I’m very curious to know if you have plans to build in some sort of reports section.  Something that lets us generate a report of our monthly or annual paid invoices, etc. 


    • Anonymous

      No. You will find a link near Notes section on “Create Invoice/Estimate” page, which will allow you to set the default invoice note.

      There’s already dashboard reports which shows important statistics such as Month by month earnings and Year-to date totals. You need to have the Expansion Pack add-on enabled for this feature.

      You can get a glimpse of how dashboard reports looks like from our demo site –

      • Mark

        Thank you!  I see the link to edit default notes now. 

        I do have the expansion pack add-on, so I do see the dashboard reports.  However, these reports aren’t able to be printed or saved in any other way for my records.  Also they do not specify which invoices were paid that month.  For instance, it would great to see a page for one month that lists all my paid invoices and the total of those invoices, then I can print or download that report page.  Also be able to view reports in a date range, so 12 months of paid invoices, listing those invoice and the total. 

        Just a thought.  I love Curdbee, but I think more in depth reports like that would be an important feature.  Currently, has this type of reporting, but I love you guys too much to switch :P

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for your feedback, Mark.

          Actually, we are planning to provide more detailed reporting with more drill-down options via an add-on. We’ll make the announcement here when we have it ready.

          • Mark

            Oh perfect!  That’s something I’d surely use.  Good to know it’s in the making :)  Thanks.

  • Tonyposton

    Is there a way to view ONLY unpaid invoices?

    • Anonymous

      Since the invoices that are in sent and viewed state are actually unpaid, if you enter ‘sent viewed’ in the filter field you can get only the unpaid invoices.

  • Clipping Path service

    Its realy so much Awesome User interface……..I love that pattern………..