Our Services

Elegant UX Design
or websites and apps.

Since 2004 we have been working on the web, on our own websites and apps, as well as client projects panning from small local businesses to global corporations serving millions of customers.

UI/UX Design

We started as a design agency. Even though we have since ventured into product development, design is still very much part of our DNA. Every year, we undertake a select few projects from clients ranging from small businesses to large global corporations. We help them understand their customers better, and create user experiences that best serve their needs.

Our main services are web and app user interface design, front-end development with HTML/CSS/JS, and website development using a range of technologies and content management systems.


Over the years we have worked with clients from all parts of the world, in many different industries. Some of them were solopreneurs, some were small businesses and startups, and a few of them large corporations.

Among the clients who have placed their trust with us is Dialog Axiata, Sri Lanka’s largest telecom operator, and WSO2, a leading open source application development software company.