Web Design and Development

Whether you need a small personal blog designed or a fully-fledged corporate information portal, we will deliver a web experience that is tailor made for you. From concept to production, our websites are made with love, care, and Web Standards. With semantically sound XHTML and beautifully structured CSS, our sites are squeaky clean on all fronts.

At Vesess, we’ve been developing sites for a while, and so when we look at a project, we know exactly which tools to use. With extensive experience in building sites with Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, MODx, ExpressionEngine, rest assured that we’ve got what it takes to make your web presence stronger than ever before.

Web Application Development

Using Free and Open Source technologies like Ruby on Rails, PHP and Python, the Web Application Development wing of a project basically creates the machinery that makes your beast run. It’s good to remember that for every pretty page you see in your browser, there is a machine chugging in a server closet far away. At Vesess, our web apps are tried and tested, making sure that your project delivers rock solid performance to all your users.

UI Design

User Interface Design basically decides how the content of your site or web application will been seen by the user. This aspect of Web Development is taken very seriously today, and rightly so – a good UI design is vital in making your website accessible to as many different people as possible.

Usability and User Experience Design

How do your users respond to your site? How easy is it for them to find what they want? What are the stumbling blocks that hinder a favourable user experience? All very valid questions. Usability and User Research plays a big role in getting these answers.


Need guidance on how to develop and expand your business to reach the world via the web? What if you are a great designer with limited knowledge in technology or a hacker looking for some design advice? We’d love to help by sharing what we know with you. Drop us a line, or come by for a chat – let’s talk geek.


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