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Sunset at a Thai beach

Colomboard: The Failure of a Good Project

Colomboard was a “good” project, both in terms of business potential and social impact. It empowered a group of very talented young entrepreneurs by providing them with a fair and accessible platform to build their businesses.

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Colomboard Store Now Open

When we planned Colomboard, we wanted it to be two things: a platform for creative Sri Lankans to share inspiration, and an online store where they can sell their products. The first went into public beta last week, and today we unveil the second. The Colomboard Store will feature products from these brilliant Sri Lankan designers.

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Introducing Colomboard

There are so many creative freelancers and small business in Sri Lanka who would greatly benefit from an online store, yet have none available. Instead of complaining about it, we went ahead and built one. Meet Colomboard. Drawing inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy, we have created a platform for Sri Lankans to share their creations and experiences. Products from the most popular designers among them will then be featured on our online store.

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