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Arts in Science

Full STEAM Ahead: How Arts Add Colour

Wouldn’t it be the perfect combination if Arts subjects were given some focus in a STEM degree course? Wouldn’t it create much better-rounded individuals?

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Coca Cola Wallpaper

JVP’s Brand Crisis: Communist Red vs. Sexy Crimson

At its heart, JVP is a Marxist-Leninist communist movement. Its loyal voter base is red hot, not crimson cool. As with most political campaigns, their 2015 rebranding was mainly targeting the undecideds, who seemed to be supportive of them, but didn’t convert that support into votes come election time.

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Steve Jobs

Ken Segall and Sri Lankan Delusions

SLASSCOM introduced Ken Segall as the “Former Creative Director of Apple Inc.” Why would they run such a disingenuous campaign? And why would Ken Segall not correct them? We can only speculate.

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Nuclear explosion

How We Give and Take Design Feedback

Since the very beginning we have tried to nurture and encourage the spirit of the “bomb comment” at Vesess. We have benefitted greatly from this culture that encourages giving and receiving candid design feedback without any need to make them palatable.

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Dialog Axiata Redesign Responsive Redesign: A Case Study

When Dialog Axiata wanted to revamp their website, they chose us as design partners for the second time. In this post, we discuss how we worked with Dialog and other companies to create a mobile-first, responsive, trilingual website for a company that has been at the forefront of technology innovation for decades.

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Honey bee hovering near a flower

Building a Design Consultancy Business (Part 1)

In this series I am sharing some of the lessons we’ve learned over the last 12 years from running and growing our consultancy business from zero to several hundred thousand dollars per year. In this first part, I talk about how we made that crucial breakthrough in acquiring our first client, and what we could have done better.

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Better Payments Handling in Hiveage

You use CurdBee to get paid. However, we are aware of one weakness in CurdBee that could annoy your clients when they try to pay you: payment errors are not handled well enough. When a payment fails for some reason, CurdBee shows a generic error message, which could be frustrating to both the client and you as it's not clear what exactly went wrong. The good news is, it's all fixed in Hiveage.

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CurdBee 2.0 Coming Up

For months now we have been talking about a "big update" to CurdBee. Our users have been remarkably patient with us while we were busy revamping the entire app, changing everything from the workflows to the UI to make things even more intuitive and user-friendly. There are also many new awesome features that even a name change might be in order!

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Colomboard Store Now Open

When we planned Colomboard, we wanted it to be two things: a platform for creative Sri Lankans to share inspiration, and an online store where they can sell their products. The first went into public beta last week, and today we unveil the second. The Colomboard Store will feature products from these brilliant Sri Lankan designers.

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Introducing Colomboard

There are so many creative freelancers and small business in Sri Lanka who would greatly benefit from an online store, yet have none available. Instead of complaining about it, we went ahead and built one. Meet Colomboard. Drawing inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy, we have created a platform for Sri Lankans to share their creations and experiences. Products from the most popular designers among them will then be featured on our online store.

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