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Introducing Vesess Alpha Grants for Sri Lankan Students

Vesess Alpha is our attempt at supporting Sri Lankan students to take on a coding challenge of their choice. We hope the grant would help them validate their work so that they can be continued as startups, research projects or even just as hobbies.

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Elasticsearch for Hiveage

How We Use Elasticsearch for Hiveage

Millions of entries are made on Hiveage every day. Without a robust search feature, our customers would find it very difficult to sort and filter their financial data. Here, we share details on how we improved Hiveage’s search features to be faster, more efficient and more powerful using Elasticsearch.

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Hiveage iOS App Development

How We Developed the Hiveage iOS App

In this second article of a series on our flagship product Hiveage, we offer you an inside look at the various engineering decisions that went into developing the iOS app, starting from the language of choice to the code and release management process.

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Nuclear explosion

How We Give and Take Design Feedback

Since the very beginning we have tried to nurture and encourage the spirit of the “bomb comment” at Vesess. We have benefitted greatly from this culture that encourages giving and receiving candid design feedback without any need to make them palatable.

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Dialog Axiata Redesign Responsive Redesign: A Case Study

When Dialog Axiata wanted to revamp their website, they chose us as design partners for the second time. In this post, we discuss how we worked with Dialog and other companies to create a mobile-first, responsive, trilingual website for a company that has been at the forefront of technology innovation for decades.

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CurdBee 2.0 Coming Up

For months now we have been talking about a "big update" to CurdBee. Our users have been remarkably patient with us while we were busy revamping the entire app, changing everything from the workflows to the UI to make things even more intuitive and user-friendly. There are also many new awesome features that even a name change might be in order!

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Meeting Asia

Last week Sameera and I attended the RedDot Ruby Conference in Singapore. As a microcosm of Asia, Singapore is a wonderful place to get to know people from all parts of the continent and beyond. We were pleasantly surprised to see the large Ruby community in Singapore.

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