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Elasticsearch for Hiveage

How We Use Elasticsearch for Hiveage

Millions of entries are made on Hiveage every day. Without a robust search feature, our customers would find it very difficult to sort and filter their financial data. Here, we share details on how we improved Hiveage’s search features to be faster, more efficient and more powerful using Elasticsearch.

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Hiveage NPS Results

How We Track Net Promoter Score (NPS) to Foster Growth

NPS is our defence against complacency with Hiveage. It allows us to closely track customer sentiment as the service evolves through feature enhancements, design changes and pricing revisions.

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Search and Sort in Hiveage

One of the most requested features since the launch of Hiveage was the ability to sort and search statements. We promised to add them before March 1, and now they're available!

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Hello, Hiveage!

At long last, we are proud to announce that Hiveage is now live. Yes, as of right now, anyone and everyone has access to our brand new online invoicing system!

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It’s a Hiveage New Year!

Firstly, Happy New Year to all our readers! While we’re sure you already have a lot to look forward to in the 2014, here’s a quick reminder that Hiveage beta invitations are rolling out right now!

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A Successful Cyber Monday

We had a fantastic offer for Cyber Monday. The 100 slots were quickly taken up, and we have now concluded the promo. This also concludes a chapter in our journey: it's the fifth and final Thanksgiving with CurdBee. From next month onwards, it would be Hiveage!

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Save Big on CurdBee and Hiveage

Our annual Thanksgiving promo is here! For 48 hours starting from Monday, December 2 EST 00:00 (UTC -0500) we will offer the all-inclusive CurdBee BIG yearly package for just $119 (You save 41%). There will only be 100 packs available on offer, so be ready to grab them as soon as the promotion goes live.

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Hiveage Pricing Plans

CurdBee offered one of the most affordable pricing plans among online invoicing services, along with a fantastic free plan which allowed you to send unlimited invoices to unlimited clients. This same thinking is behind the new pricing plans we introduce for Hiveage. Current CurdBee paid users will not be affected by these changes in pricing.

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Introducing Subscription Billing with Hiveage

CurdBee's recurring profiles allow you to send periodic invoices to your clients. With Hiveage, we take it one step further, allowing you to automatically bill clients periodically using subscription billing.

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Hiveage, now with PayPal Pro

We have seen many changes in the online payment industry during the five years of CurdBee. As we were preparing for the private Beta launch of Hiveage, we wanted to get a better idea of what our users expected from the new app, which prompted us to run a survey of online payment gateways. PayPal Payments Pro was easily the most popular choice. Today, we introduce PayPal Pro to Hiveage.

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