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Elephant Stampede by Andrew Bone

Trampling at Ath Pavura: Dissecting a Deal

Why would an evidently successful social entrepreneur give up so much control of his venture for so little? Is this an indication of how desperate the funding scene is in Sri Lanka?

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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises — The Importance of Knowing

Although social entrepreneurship is a concept that has been around for a while, only recently has it become popular in Sri Lanka. By implementing inclusive education pathways, incubation programmes for startup enterprises, preferential tax schemes and other legal and regulatory reforms, the ultimate goal of creating public awareness of and interest in social entrepreneurship can be achieved, thereby nurturing and creating a sustainable ecosystem for social enterprises.

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Hello, Hiveage!

At long last, we are proud to announce that Hiveage is now live. Yes, as of right now, anyone and everyone has access to our brand new online invoicing system!

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Introducing Subscription Billing with Hiveage

CurdBee's recurring profiles allow you to send periodic invoices to your clients. With Hiveage, we take it one step further, allowing you to automatically bill clients periodically using subscription billing.

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Introducing Bills with Hiveage

CurdBee helps you streamline your invoicing process from sending an invoice to accepting the payment and issuing a payment receipt. With Hiveage we take it one step further: now you can stay on top of your incoming invoices as well, using the new Bills feature. Bills are merely the opposite of Invoices: when vendors and service providers send their invoices to you, they become bills from your perspective.

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Meet Hiveage, a re-imagined CurdBee

CurdBee has been our flagship product for five years. We understand our users, because in many ways our journeys have been similar. Today, we take another big step in that journey together. For months we have been talking about a CurdBee 2.0, a new platform that will beat the limitations of CurdBee, and provide our users with many much-requested features . . .

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Retiring Google Checkout

Google Checkout has been the second most popular payment gateway among our users. It was available as a free add-on for anyone using CurdBee, and we hardly had any complaints about failed payments or delayed settlements. However, now that Google has decided to retire Google Checkout, we are getting tons of emails asking what we have on cards for existing Google Checkout users.

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CurdBee 2.0 Coming Up

For months now we have been talking about a "big update" to CurdBee. Our users have been remarkably patient with us while we were busy revamping the entire app, changing everything from the workflows to the UI to make things even more intuitive and user-friendly. There are also many new awesome features that even a name change might be in order!

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Colomboard Store Now Open

When we planned Colomboard, we wanted it to be two things: a platform for creative Sri Lankans to share inspiration, and an online store where they can sell their products. The first went into public beta last week, and today we unveil the second. The Colomboard Store will feature products from these brilliant Sri Lankan designers.

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Introducing Colomboard

There are so many creative freelancers and small business in Sri Lanka who would greatly benefit from an online store, yet have none available. Instead of complaining about it, we went ahead and built one. Meet Colomboard. Drawing inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy, we have created a platform for Sri Lankans to share their creations and experiences. Products from the most popular designers among them will then be featured on our online store.

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