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Elasticsearch for Hiveage

How We Use Elasticsearch for Hiveage

By Viduranga Wijesooriya

Millions of entries are made on Hiveage every day. Without a robust search feature, our customers would find it very difficult to sort and filter their financial data. Here, we share details on how we improved Hiveage’s search features to be faster, more efficient and more powerful using Elasticsearch.

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Hiveage iOS App Development

How We Developed the Hiveage iOS App

By Tharindu Madushanka

In this second article of a series on our flagship product Hiveage, we offer you an inside look at the various engineering decisions that went into developing the iOS app, starting from the language of choice to the code and release management process.

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Growing plant

Working at an Early-Stage Startup in Sri Lanka

By Prabhath Sirisena

All the first employees of our new venture Vgo came from corporate backgrounds. None of them had worked at a startup before. The entire Vesess team, on the other hand, had never worked at anything other than a startup: for every one of us, Vesess has been the first and only place of work. There was clearly a culture gap to be bridged.

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Fiber optic cables

Warrantless Wiretapping Legal in Sri Lanka

By Prabhath Sirisena

If you are being investigated for a “computer crime” in Sri Lanka, a police officer can—without a warrant, at his discretion—seize your computer data and intercept and collect your communications (“wiretap”). There is no specific authority to authorise or oversee such wiretaps beyond the investigating police officer. While the technical details about wiretaps might be murky, the law itself is quite clear: all of this appears in the Computer Crime Act, No. 24 of 2007.

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Uber app in Sri Lanka

Adapt or Die: Surviving the Multinational Threat

By Prabhath Sirisena

In today’s turbulent business environment, organisations need to be able to adapt quickly to ensure continued success. Our local services will have to make swift improvements or risk losing significant marketshare to large, innovative multinational corporations as they expand their reach.

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Security vs. Flexibility in Remote Working Startups

By Laknath Semage

The flexibility of working from home—or anywhere in the world, for that matter—is a luxury that small companies can offer, but which larger companies often find difficult to accommodate because of their scale. This flexibility comes with its own challenge, however—managing the security of company resources.

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