Try Time and Expense Tracking

A few weeks ago, our Time and Expense Tracking features went into beta. Today, we’re happy with where we are and would like to share them with all of you. Head over to our live demo and navigate to the Time and Expenses tabs to begin using these features right away. CurdBee Expense Tracking report graphs So have a look, and do tell us what you think. Here are what some of our beta testers had to say about their time and expense experience.
The beta became particularly handy on the first live project we billed using the it. We had to justify every single second we spent on working on their project, and because we’d been tracking all our time on the application we were able to run off a report and email a PDF to the client… So easy, so useful! Jonathon Pugsley
I would recommend these features, just as I would recommend CurdBee as a whole. These new features are now an essential part of working with CurdBee, and I am completely satisfied with the range of options afforded when working with CurdBee. Well played! – Stephen Lavallee
But don’t take their word for it! Check out both Time Tracking and Expense Tracking and decide whether you’re going to upgrade when we release these features. We’re not far away from going gold, so if you’ve been waiting to have this functionality at your disposal, your wait may soon be over! Thank you for sticking with CurdBee, and we look forward to giving you full access to both these features.

  • Tinu Cleatus

    If we were able to add team mates to Curdbee so that they can login and add time entries, this would be epic!

    • Vesess

      Multi-user features are on our roadmap, so that should be a possibility soon enough. :)

      • Tinu Cleatus

        Awsome, thanks :)

        Tinu Cleatus

  • Haze Interactive

    It would be nice to have recurring expenses/bills: when you add an expense, users should be able to specify whether this is a recurring expense  as well as the recurring period (every week, every month, every X days, etc). Additionally, an option to send a reminder by e-mail X days prior to this expense would be amazing. This would be marvelous for handling hosting bills. And much of the code needed for this has already been done for (periodic) invoices.

    • Vesess

      This is a good idea, and something we are considering adding to CurdBee. It’s now on our roadmap, and we’ll be looking at it seriously in the months to come. Thank you for your feedback!

  • Jason Miller

    Do you happen to have a Dashboard widget for time tracking, similar to how Freshbooks has one? I’m a freelance developer that works on projects occasionally, and I’m interested in switching to your service…but having such a widget that runs independent of the web browser is really important to me. I’m afraid that if I accidentally close the browser, I’ll loose all time I tracked.

    • Vesess

      Though it wont be available at launch, a dashboard widget is definitely something we’ll be looking into. As an intermediary measure, you can run CurdBee on the desktop using Fluid for OS X and Prism for Windows. Then, even if you accidentally close your browser, you will not lose your time tracking data.

      Check this post of ours for more information on running CurdBee on the desktop –