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  • HTML/CSS Templates
  • Content Management System

A company that offers complete waste-water management solutions to clients the world over, Dewaco Ltd came to Vesess looking for a simple website revamp. However, as a developer of high end, niche solutions for governments and industries, the Dewaco business process focused heavily on pre-sales and Vesess realised that a well thought out web presence could greatly enhance this process.

Focusing on customer experience from the get go, a fully functional customer backend was implemented using Drupal. From internal forums where customers can converse with everyone from Dewaco representatives to other clients, to in depth customer profiles through which the company can gain a clear understanding of the needs of each party, the solution Vesess delivered makes the Dewaco pre-sales process more effective than ever before.

The beauty of the new Dewaco site however, is more than just internal: thanks to the streamlined Information Architecture of the new site, accessing everything Dewaco has to offer is a breeze. We have no doubt that their new, professional website will strengthen their presence worldwide as a premier wastewater management solutions provider.


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